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About Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding, Inc

Therapeutic Riding


Therapeutic riding in Rio Rancho is horsemanship lessons for all abilities

Specializing in:

Special Needs children and adults


Foster children 

Kids without disability

Path Intl, Premier Accredited Center

Volunteers help ensure safety of all. 

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  • We can't do it without YOU.
  • Pay it forward by sharing your time and talents.
  • Lots of jobs to help with:
    • Lesson help
    • Horse care
    • Office help
    • Fundraising

It all has to be done

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  • YOUR Support is VITAL
  • 501 (c) 3 Charity
  • Horses are an expensive investment, BUT the whole reason therapeutic riding works
  • Sponsorships:
    • Horse sponsorship
    • Food sponsors
    • Rider sponsors
    • Equipment donation
    • Financial Support

All are vital to our existence

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Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding, Inc

We take our riders privacy seriously. *********** Physical address is given by appointment only. ****Please call for an appointment, flexible times. Mailing: PO Box 44517, Rio Rancho,NM 87174

(505) 554-9493

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